Premium Organic Insurance

Premium Organic InsuranceSM

The term was originally coined to build rural character into the zinc brand. It was consciously absurd, yet genuine at heart and connected to our belief that it matters where things come from; that knowing how things are produced and cared for from the source is important.

There are parallels between our approach to insurance and the four principles of organic agriculture. For zinc, that means responsible, careful selection and management of companies, products, and people in order to produce the most beneficial customer experience.

Fundamental to that experience is the value of the products you pay for. Are they genuinely good for you? Here’s a warning label: Some policies are like cheap food made with artificial things that look, smell, and taste good but have no nutritional value. They’re tempting when you’re hungry and your wallet’s running dry—but they’ll hurt you in the long run. At zinc, we know how to expertly manage the balance of value and price, so your insurance is both affordable and good for you.

It reminds us of some earthy wisdom:

  1. You are what you eat. So eat good, for Pete’s sake.
  2. You get what you pay for. So pay right and never be wrong on price. It’s all in the value.

That’s Premium Organic InsuranceSM. Artisan policies—carefully selected, managed, and brought fresh to your table, by zinc.

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